Favre’s Attorneys ask for Dismissal of Fraud Lawsuit


The attorneys for Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre have asked for a dismissal of charges stemming from a fraud case in Mississippi.

Lawyers state that the lawsuit against Favre is seeking to recover misspent welfare money in Mississippi’s largest-ever corruption case should be dismissed because the state Department of Human Services lacks evidence and is attempting to deflect from its own culpability.

Millions of federal welfare dollars intended to help low-income Mississippi residents — some of the poorest people in the country — were instead squandered on projects supported by wealthy or well-connected people, including projects backed by Favre, between 2016 and 2019, prosecutors say.

In a response to the department’s statements that a judge should ignore Favre’s request to be removed from the lawsuit, Favre’s attorneys wrote that there is “no legal, factual, or moral basis” for the agency’s claims.

“It is plain that, as it did in its original complaint, MDHS — which itself carried out the allegedly wrongful transfer of funds to another state entity, a transfer approved by, among others, Mississippi’s Attorney General — continues to sue Favre solely to attract publicity for improper political purposes,” Favre’s attorneys wrote.