Pittsburgh Steelers Sign 8-Time Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson


The Pittsburgh Steelers signed eight-time Pro Bowl Cornerback Patrick Peterson to a two-year contract.

“I’ve always been a great big fan of just how Mike [Tomlin] teams were always prepared to play any given football game, even if they were outmatched on paper,” Peterson said. “They were always a competitive football team, and he’s going to have his team prepared to fight. Looking forward to all the cliches, all the sayings that Coach uses and things like that. … My agent was doing his job, and he was calling around and seeing what teams were wanting to have me in their locker room, and Pittsburgh was one of those teams we felt would be a great destination for me.”

“I’m done talking about my age, because the proof is in the pudding,” Peterson said. “I know I still can ball. I work and train entirely too hard — and different. That’s the thing. I train different from everybody else across the league. I train and work on things that I use and that I’m going to use and that are going to help me in games.”