The day started off with the trade of Chris Paul from the Washington Wizards for Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors


  1. San Antonio Spurs–Victor Wembanyanya–7’5″ C/F From France. The best prospect to come into the NBA in 20 Years (since LeBron James) A unique player to say the least . Incredibly smooth and fluid for his size. Offensively can do it all. Has incredible range and with his height, he can get his shot at anytime at almost any spot on the floor. Defensively he is the ultimate rim protector. Because of his athletic ability, he has the tools and length to bother and even block shots on the perimeter. 8’0″ wingspan.
  2. Charlotte Hornets–Brandon Miller–6’9″ F from Alabama…SEC Player of the Year. Potential dynamic scorer. Has terrific range. Smooth shot and can run the floor in transition. Pretty good rebounder. Willing defender.
  3. Portland Trail Blazers–Scoot Henderson–6’2″ G League Ignite–Plays at a fast pace. Attacks the the rim in a mold of Russell Westbrook. Strong and energetic. Needs to improve shooting. Can get to the rim at will and makes plays for his teammates. Very competitive.
  4. Houston Rockets–Amen Thompson–6’7″ G–Overtime Elite–Tremendous Athlete. Playmaker and Athlete. Not a great shooter. Gets to the rim and makes life easier for teammates. Hard worker.
  5. Detroit Pistons–Ausar Thompson–6’7″ G Overtime Elite–Better shooter of the Thompson Twins. Great Athlete and good defender. Likes to play off the ball.
  6. Orlando Magic–Anthony Black–6’7″ G Arkansas–Playmaking Guard…Very unselfish…Plays with energy..Not much of a shooter..Plays hard defense..
  7. Indiana Pacers–Bilal Coulibaly–6’8″ G France–Victor Wembanyanya’s teammate in France. Terrific defender..Not a great shooter…Goes to the rim and a good driver to the hole…..WILL BE TRADED TO WIZARDS
  8. Washington Wizards–Jarace Walker–6’8″ F Houston–Tough Power forward. Can step out and hit three off the catch. Good rebounder. Very good team player. Good defender. Plays hard…WILL BE TRADED TO THE PACERS

    Trade Details…Wizards are trading Jarace Walker and two future second Round Picks to the Pacers for Bilal Coulibaly
  9. Utah Jazz--Taylor Hendricks–6’9″-F from Central Florida
  10. Dallas Mavericks–Cason Wallace–6’3″ G from Kentucky–Very Good defender. Good shooter. Very solid player for John Calipari
  11. Orlando Magic–Jett Howard–6’8″ F from Michigan–Son of legendary Michigan Player, now coach Juwann. Athletic player was great IQ
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder–Derrick Lively–7’1″ C from Duke–Elite Shot-blocker–was Top HS Player in the country. Came along slowly, but has tremendous potential as a rim protector. Rim Runner and a Good Pick and roll player

  13. Toronto Raptors–Gradey Dick–6’7″ G from Kansas–Good Catch and Shoot player..High Basketball IQ…Quick Release…Can rebound a little bound..Average at best Defender…
  14. New Orleans Pelicans–Jordan Hawkins–6’5″ UCONN–Efficient player..Great shooter..Can get his own shot…Good Mid Range game..Moves w/o the ball. Average defender…
  15. Atlanta Hawks–Kobe Bufkin–6’6 G from Michigan–Defender..Late Riser..Needs sength…Works Hard…
  16. Utah Jazz-Keyonte George–6’3″ G From Baylor–Quick and Athletic…Can create his own shot..Can shoot from deep.
  17. Los Angeles Lakers–Jalen Hood-Schifino–6’5″ G from Indiana–Strong PG…Good off the dribble…Needs to improve in his range..Can score in different ways..
  18. Miami Heat–Jaime Jacquez Jr.–6’8″ F from UCLA–Tough and plays hard…Can score..Crafty..4 year player…Can shoot a little bit.
  19. Golden State Warriors–Brandin Podziemski–6’5″ G From Santa Clara–Good shooter in all phases…Very Completive..Good Athlete..Good passer..Good rebounder for a Guard
  20. Houston Rockets--Cam Whitmore–6’8″ F From Villanova–Was considered a Lottery Pick…Great Athlete…good finisher..Not a bad shooter